Last Update: 07.02.2018 (many things done)

Update 26.11.17:

+ Sound for getting the key
+ Sound for fireball explosion

Update: 09.12.17:

- Anything is having sounds now. But i'm still searching for Title-, Ingame-, Level-Done- and Game-Over-Musics :(
- A new title screen
- some graphic changes
- Highest score (money) is shown on title screen
- some little code improvements

Update: 13.12.17:

+ Added some vocals (simple, non-professional, self-made...) ;)
+ Password-function: Enter a password to play a level of your choice. Click on the P at the upper right corner, type in the password and press return.
But: To get the passwords you need to solve the level before
+ A new (third) level for you so you can test the password function

Update: 07.02.18:

While my Laptop-Display broke up i could not do anything over xmas-holidays and new year. But since i got it back i have done a lot of things (some things i had to learn, try and test before) and i think it is nearly done, but still in development. The file size increased to 27 MByte because of including the intro movie.

+ Intro: I've added an Intro-Movie. To skip, click left mouse button or space key
+ Movement: no longer need to click left button to move paddle, just move the mouse
+ Fixed: Bonus double size: player stuck in wall when too far left or right
+ Fixed: Bonus high/low-speed: when hit player stay at speed as long the timer is running
+ Password field: Fixed the size
+ paddle speed = ball speed
? resize window / set aspect ratio
+ Fullscreen
+ Option Screen: You can set sound/music/fullscreen to on/off
+ A little game over screen
+ New background for each bank
+ A new title screen again :D
+ 5 banks to robber now


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Feb 06, 2018

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